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  • Outdoor Living
    • Patio Installation

      Ornamental pavers, natural stone, custom designs, functional layouts

    • Outdoor Dining

      Entertain guests with a custom grill, bar area and outdoor kitchen

    • Entertainment Areas

      Create special places for friends and family gatherings

    • Seating Walls

      Built-in seating for a variety of applications

  • Fire & Water
    • Fire Pits

      Accent any space with a custom stone fire pit

    • Fire Walls

      Remote control accents on a patio wall

    • Fire Places

      Natural stone centerpiece, brick ovens, one piece units

    • Pond & Stream

      Water designs with nature's authentic characteristics

    • Water Fountains

      Above ground, in-ground, entryway, or patio applications

    • Pondless Water Features

      Safe for children with all the benefits of a natural water feature

  • Hardscapes
    • Patio Installation

      Ornamental pavers, natural stone, custom designs, functional layouts

    • Retaining Walls

      Boulder walls, Allan Block retaining wall systems, custom applications

    • Boulder Installation

      Large and small ornamental boulders accent any space

    • Monuments

      Stone columns, piers, and entryways

    • Bed Edging

      Stone, paver, cobblestone, and other custom bed and foundation edging

  • Lighting
    • Hardscape lighting

      Seat wall accents, step safety, retaining wall sconce lighting, and more

    • Landscape Lighting

      Path lights, tree up-lighting accents, yard illumination

    • Home lighting

      Accent stone features, up-light accents, add a warm glow to the outside of your home

  • Landscaping
    • Flip My Yard!

      Sometimes it's best to start over.  This is our specialty!

    • Sod Installation

      Renovate your lawn with new sod

    • Mulch/Rock

      Freshen your beds with updated mulch or ornamental aggregates

    • Tree Planting

      Privacy, shade, accents - Trees serve a variety of functions in the landscape

    • Perennial Planting

      Our perennial planting designs bring beautiful drifts of color to your landscape

  • Maintenance
    • Mowing & Turf Care

      Our committment to quality continues into our maintenance programs.  Contact us today for comprehensive commercial and residential 12-month maintenance programs.

    • Landscape Maintenance

      We want to stand behind our work.  We maintain what we install through a comprehensive landscape maintenance program.  Contact us today to keep your landscape performing the way it should.

    • Commercial Snow Removal

      Commercial snow removal and deicing services

  • Irrigation
    • Design and Installation

      Low maintenance, greener lawns

    • Repair and Service

      Service broken irrigation systems


The purpose of Kouski is to enrich the lives of our clients. We do this by careful consideration to the unique needs of each project, guided by a steadfast dedication to quality.

We believe our business is about people and their unique needs. Our broad range of outdoor services are necessary to meeting a wide spectrum of those needs and our experienced team is committed to results. In a broad sense, we discovered our clients all seek the same thing: a company they can count on. To be that company, we built our guiding light on the principles of trust and integrity. We know you wouldn't want it any other way.

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There are a few ways to contact us:

1. Call our office: 833-556-8754

We are open from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday. To save time, you can complete our Online Landscape Needs Assessment or our Online Maintenance Needs Assessment. Once completed, you'll be able to book a call with a specialist to get an estimate for service at your home.

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Fill out our Online Landscape Needs Assessmentor our Online Maintenance Needs Assessment, and you'll be able to book a phone call to get an estimate for service at your home.

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We're open from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday.

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  • Landscape Professionals
    Landscape Professionals

    At Kouski, we employ All-Stars.  Kouski is a drug free workplace.

    We believe in a culture of respect, honor, and trust.  Our employees come first and we treat everyone with respect.  We are responsible, we make decisions based on our own personal integrity, and we stand behind each other.  We are a team.  If this atmosphere appeals to you, call our office at (833) 556-8754 and tell us how you can add value to the company.

  • Foreman

    The Landscape Foreman is the backbone of the project.

    Our foremen have excellent organizational skills, are great with people, and set the example of smart, hard work for their team.  They solve problems, organize resources, and beat deadlines.  If this is you, call our office at (833) 556-8754 and tell us how you can add value to the company.

  • General Laborer
    General Laborer

    This position is for entry level applicants who want to dive head first into the landscape industry.

    If you want to learn high quality craftsmanship, follow our experienced veterans.  If you believe you will add value to our company and industry, call our office at (833) 556-8754 and tell us how you can add value to the company.


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